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Image by Fabien Bazanegue


The online home for overlanders 

Overlander Community is the hub for all things overlanding. Explore vehicles & expeditions, share knowledge, and partake in the virtual campfire with those who own the same car you do...

Join exclusive groups

Once you've added your vehicle, you get access to an exclusive group only accessible by those who own the same type of vehicle.

Overlanders are what it's about. Add your vehicle.

Overlanding rigs aren't normal cars, they're our pride and joy. Show the world your overlander!

Map your expeditions & view where other have ventured

Show other's where you've gone and where you plan to go by mapping your expeditions. Share photos and videos with the community


What is an expedition?

Expeditions can range from short weekend trips to extended adventures covering vast distances, and they prioritize exploration, cultural immersion, and a connection to the natural world.

What is a trip?

An adventurous journey undertaken by a vehicle, on-road or off-road, from one point (A) to another (B). Many trips form an expedition. Add trips by interacting with the expedition map.

How do I get on the leaderboard?

Add your expeditions, load your trips, and action your plan. The total kilometers across all your expeditions are tallied automatically.

How can I ask a question?

You can ask a question once you've created an expedition.

Is this platform free?

This platform is entirely free to use.

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